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Buti foundation award

Award Name : Buti foundation award Category Name : Health Sciences
Sponser Name :
Physical Research Laboratory

Address: Gujrat University Area, Ahmedabad,India-360009

Contact: 6302129,

Foundation Year : 2007 Award Features : a medal citation and cash prize of 50000
Award Periodicity : Biennial Award Recipient Category : Individual(M/F)
Announcement Time : - Methodology : nomination form along with documents Nominations may be sent/filled by the Head of Academic & Research Institutions Vice-Chancellors and Fellows of the Indian Academies of Science and Engineering and past awardees. Nominations to be sent to The Director
Objectives : for innovative & outstanding work done in Inda in plasma science& technology
Criteria : candidate who is below 45 years has made significant contributions to area of specialization of the nominee during his/her research
Description : -

Awardee Information (7)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Dr. Mukherjee Subroto 2007 plasma science& technology Excellence in Plasma Science and Technology.
2 Dr. Bhattacharjee Sudeep 2009 plasma science& technology Novel work in Microwave Plasma sources and their applications in ion extractions.
3 Dr. Mukhopadhaya Banibrata 2011 plasma science& technology Astrophysical Plasmas & its application to accretion disks and black holes
4 Dr. Pradhan Subrata 2013 plasma science& technology Applied Plasma Sciences & Technologies
5 Dr. Subramanian Prasad 2013 plasma science& technology Astrophysical Plasmas in hot accretion discs around black holes & sun?s corona & the solar wind.
6 Dr. Sharma Prateek 2015 plasma science& technology Space and Plasma Physics, especially for his contributions to Astrophysical
7 Dr. Tripathi Durgesh 2017 plasma science& technology Solar Plasma Physics