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Hanumantha Reddy Award

Award Name : Hanumantha Reddy Award Category Name : Health Sciences
Sponser Name :
All India Ophthalmological Society

Address: Dr. R P Centre For Ophthalmic Sciences, Ansari Nagar, , New Delhi,India-110029

Contact: 26593187,

Foundation Year : 2002 Award Features : Citation Medal
Award Periodicity : Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual(M/F)
Announcement Time : - Methodology : It shall be given for the best paper presented at the annual conference of the AIOS in the pediatric ophthalmology session. In case of multiple authors the award will be given to the chief author who should be a member of the society.
Objectives : To promote research in Ophthalmology.
Criteria : All the members of AIOS.
Description : -

Awardee Information (10)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Dr. Supriyo Ghose 2002 Ophthalmology
2 Dr. Ebeneyer Daniel 2003 Ophthalmology
3 Dr. DograMangat R 2003 Ophthalmology
4 Dr. Biswas partha 2004 Ophthalmology
5 Dr. Goud Sai Baba 2007 Ophthalmology
6 Dr. Vasumathy V 2008 Ophthalmology
7 Dr. Shome Debraj 2010 Ophthalmology
8 Dr. Vasavada Vaishali A k 2012 Ophthalmology
9 Dr. Chowdhury Sanjay 2015 Ophthalmology
10 Dr. Jethani Jitendra 2016 Ophthalmology