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Chrestien Mica Gondwana Medal

Award Name : Chrestien Mica Gondwana Medal Category Name : Earth Sciences
Sponser Name :
Mining Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India

Address: 29, J L Nehru Road, WB, Kolkata,India-700016

Contact: 2491751,

Foundation Year : 1953 Award Features : Trophy
Award Periodicity : Bi-Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual(M/F)
Announcement Time : Annual General Meeting of the Institute Methodology : Nominations are invited from different geological institutions of the world by a specific time considered by the judging committee
Objectives : For the advancement and benefit of the Gondwana Geology of the world.
Criteria : This is an international award. Any person from any part of the world who makes outstanding contribution to the Gondwana land Geology is eligible for the award.
Description : -

Awardee Information (13)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Mr. Caster K E 1953 Gondwana Geology
2 Mr. Caster K E 1953 Gondwana Geology
3 Mr. Plumsted E P 1956 Gondwana Geology
4 Mr. Carey S W 1959 Gondwana Geology
5 Mr. Carey S W 1959 Gondwana Geology
6 Mr. Edward Irving 1962 Gondwana Geology
7 Mr. Ahamad F 1965 Gondwana Geology
8 Mr. Ahmad F 1965 Gondwana Geology
9 Mr. Crowell J C 1968 Gondwana Geology
10 Mr. Dickens J M 1971 Gondwana Geology
11 Mr. Dickins J M 1971 Gondwana Geology
12 Mr. Amos A J 1974 Gondwana Geology
13 Mr. Veevars J J 1977 Gondwana Geology