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Yule Medal

Award Name : Yule Medal Category Name : Earth Sciences
Sponser Name :
Mining Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India

Address: 29, J L Nehru Road, WB, Kolkata,India-700016

Contact: 2491751,

Foundation Year : 1988 Award Features : Bronze Medal
Award Periodicity : Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual(M/F)
Announcement Time : Annual General Meeting of the Institute Methodology : -
Objectives : To encourage and promote the students from the discipline of mining machinery
Criteria : Recommendation is received by the institute frcm the authority of the Indian School of Mines Dhanbad before the annual general meeting of the institute
Description : -

Awardee Information (4)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Mr. Bandopadhaya A K 1982 Mining Machinery Mining Machinery
2 Dr. Kalra R K 1982 Mining Machinery Mining Machinery
3 Mr. Sinha S 1983 Mining Machinery Mining Machinery
4 Mr. Suvobroto Sarkar 1984 Mining Machinery Mining Machinery