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Shyam Lal Saksena Award

Award Name : Shyam Lal Saksena Award Category Name : Health Sciences
Sponser Name :
National Academy of Medical Sciences (India)

Address: C-II/ 16, Ansari Nagar, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, , New Delhi,India-110029

Contact: 26561418,

Foundation Year : 1985 Award Features : Gold Silver Bronze Copper Medal Plaque Scroll
Award Periodicity : Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual(M)
Announcement Time : Once in a year Methodology : Bio-data of the candidate with supportive documents certifying the candidature should reach sahni foundation in the first half of the year. The employed candidate should send the bio-data through proper channel. Recommendations and referring shall be counted additionally. A jury shall be empowered to take the decision in the selection of awardee. Jury's verdict shall be final. The selected candidate shall be communicated about the date time and place of felicitation by Secretary-Convener Birbal Savitri Sahni Foundation.
Objectives : Promotion of Paleobotany geosciences cultured-international understanding
Criteria : Candidate should be active in research in the field of his/her specialty; caste creed age and nationality are no bar.
Description : -

Awardee Information (10)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Dr. Singh Virendra 1990 Biomedical Engineering
2 Dr. Sahay K B 1992 Biomedical Engineering
3 Dr. Sitbba Roa Gita 1993 Biomedical Engineering
4 Dr. Shanti Pantvaidya 1995 Biomedical Engineering
5 Dr. Goel S C 1996 Biomedical Engineering
6 Dr. Kumar Gupta Kamesh 1997 Biomedical Engineering
7 Dr. Singh Megha 1998 Biomedical Engineering
8 Mr. Singh J S 1999 Botany
9 Dr. Nath Sarbadhikari Suprendra 1999 Biomedical Engineering
10 Mr. Kumar Sushil 2002 Botany