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Dr. R M Kasliwal Award

Award Name : Dr. R M Kasliwal Award Category Name : Health Sciences
Sponser Name :
Birbal Savitri Sahni Foundation

Address: Post Bag 1, New Hyderabad, U.P., Lucknow,India-226007

Contact: 2323854,

Foundation Year : 1971 Award Features : Bronze Medal Cash Prize Rs. 250
Award Periodicity : Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual(M/F)
Announcement Time : The following April Methodology : Six copies of the paper a brief statement (not more than 100 words) giving details of the outstanding research contribution of the nominee which makes him/her worthy of the award.
Objectives : To encourage talent and recognize merit among medical scientists.
Criteria : (1) The candidate/nominee should not have received any prize for the same paper(s) work in the past. (2) Six copies of the published/unpublished paper should reach the Secretary of the Academy on or before 1st September of the year accompanied by a forwarding letter giving brief bio-data of the scientist list of publications along with the title of the award for which the paper is submitted. (3) The award winning papers if unpublished will become the property of the Academy and may be published in the Academy Journal "Annals". (4) In case of joint papers scrutiny will be done if the candidate is the first author.
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Awardee Information (10)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Dr. Mahajan,Ganguly R C, N K 1983 Colon and its Diseases
2 Dr. Anand B S 1986 Colon and its Diseases
3 Dr. Bhargava D K 1989 Colon and its Diseases
4 Dr. Agarwal S K 1990 Colon and its Diseases
5 Dr. Kumar Nirmal 1992 Colon and its Diseases
6 Dr. Sarkar S K 1993 Colon and its Diseases
7 Dr. Khanna Ay ay Kumar 1995 Colon and its Diseases
8 Dr. Wakhlu A K 1996 Colon and its Diseases
9 Dr. Mishra Sri Prakash 1999 Colon and its Diseases
10 Dr. Ramakrishnan B J 2002 Colon and its Diseases