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National Mineral Award for Mineral Beneficiation

Award Name : National Mineral Award for Mineral Beneficiation Category Name : Economic Geology
Sponser Name :
Ministry of Mines

Address: Block No. 11, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road, , New Delhi,India-110003

Contact: 24363199,

Foundation Year : 1966 Award Features : a Certificate and a Cash Prize
Award Periodicity : Annual Award Recipient Category : Individual/Team
Announcement Time : - Methodology : The awards shall be conferred on persons who in the opinion of the Award Making Authority have made outstanding contributions in the particular field of their endeavor ordinarily during the previous ten years with due consideration to the totality of the achievements of the nominee( s).
Objectives : To honour individuals/ team of scientists for their extraordinary achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of fundamental orapplied geosciences mining and allied areas with a view to provide an incentive for striving towards excellence. The awards shall be given annually
Criteria : Any citizen of India Who is a professionally qualified geo-scientist technologist engineer having meritorious background with significant contribution in any of the' field specified in Clause 6 of the Regulation shall be eligible for the Award for Excellence and the Awards.
Description : -

Awardee Information (16)

S.No Name Year Broad Subject Specific Subject
1 Mr. Govila Raman K 1992 Mineral Benificiation
2 Mr. Charan Sahoo Kanhu 1992 Mineral Benificiation
3 Dr. Bhatacharyya Sumantra 2002 Mineral Benificiation
4 Dr. Prabhakar Swarna 2006 Mineral Benificiation
5 Dr. Raju Guntamadugu Bhaskar 2006 Mineral Benificiation
6 Dr. Mishra Barada Kanta 2007 Mineral Benificiation
7 Dr. Mukherjee Asim Kumar 2007 Mineral Benificiation
8 Dr. Pradhan Nilotpala 2012 Mineral Benificiation
9 Dr. Mohanty Swati 2014 Mineral Benificiation
10 Dr. Sreenivas Tumuluri 2014 Mineral Benificiation
11 Mr. Shekhawat Laxman Singh 2016 Mineral Benificiation
12 Dr. Ray Santosh Kumar 2016 Mineral Benificiation
13 Dr. Rao Danda Srinivas 2018 Mineral Benificiation
14 Dr. Rao Danda Srinivas 2018 Mineral Benificiation
15 Dr. Singh Arun Kumar 2018 Mineral Benificiation
16 Dr. Sinha Ashim Kumar 2018 Mineral Benificiation