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Motivation and recognition are the catalysing forces to enhance the deliverable capacities of humans. The concept to bestow awards for one's achievement is to provide recognition and honour to motivate the person or organisation. As a follow-up of this philosophy, hundreds of awards have been instituted in India since its independence.

The database of S&T awards in India is an attempt to manage the information about the awards that have been instituted since 1928 (pre-independence). The database conceptualised by the NSTMIS, DST was initially compiled by NIScPR - (erstwhile INSDOC & NISCAIR) under the sponsorship of National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS) Division, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is now updated and has been made web-enabled by the Society for Environment and Development (SED), Delhi.

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Subject Categories

Timeline of S&T Awards in India (1928 onwards)

(Phases of scientific growth in emerging areas)

Time line Scientific growth No. of awards instituted Subject categories
Existing award areas New award areas
1928 to 1947 (pre-Independence) Started Publication of Scientific Journals 10 - Mining, Nature Study, Earth Science, Metallurgy, Engineering
1948 – 1990  (post-Independence) Early growth phase of S&T Institutions after Independence   Scientific Policy Resolutions (SPR), 1958   Green, White and Blue Revolution   Satellite and communication   Technology Policy Statement (TPS), 1983 587 Mining, Nature Study, Earth Science, Metallurgy, Engineering Medical Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science, Agriculture, Physical Science, Mathematics, Applied Science, Economic Geology, Food Technology, Veterinary Science, Health Science, Palaeontology, Environment, Management, Science & Technology, Astronautics, Forestry, Pharmacy, Electronics, Optics, Computer, Biotechnology

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