S&T Awards Information Retrieval System

S&T Awards In India

Motivation and recognition are the catalysing forces to enhance the deliverable capacities of humans. The concept to bestow awards for one's achievement is to provide recognition and honour to motivate the person or organisation. As a follow-up of this philosophy, hundreds of awards have been instituted in India since its independence.

The database of S&T awards in India is an attempt to manage the information about the awards that have been instituted since 1928 (pre-independence). The database conceptualised by the NSTMIS, DST was initially compiled by NIScPR - (erstwhile INSDOC & NISCAIR) under the sponsorship of National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS) Division, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is now updated and has been made web-enabled by the Society for Environment and Development (SED), Delhi.

The database is an excellent source of information about S&T awards presented to R&D professionals of India. It is of immense use to scientific R&D community to know about the awards, sponsors of the awards, and awardees. This database provides introduction; analysis of data on various aspects such as discipline, periodicity, categories, awards level, chronology and state-wise distribution of awards and indexes.

The introduction provides history and background of this database. The user may use it as per their requirement to cull out the desired information using instructions as given in manual. It is also available on the Internet, searchable by sponsor's name, award name, awardees year, city, subject, etc.

The database covers 951 awards given by 166 sponsors and bestowed on 10,867 awardees covering 46 categories in all S&T fields It is useful for planners, policy makers, promoters - learned societies, associations and funding agencies, to chalk out their programmes as per the priorities of R & D activities. It is the only source to provide information about awards, sponsors and awardees at national level. There is no other single source on national or international level to provide such information.

The National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS), Department of Science and Technology greatly acknowledges the efforts of the professional team from SED, New Delhi towards development and automation of database related to S&T Awards Information Retrieval System (STAIRS).